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Charter Advisory Board Meetings

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

How do you start a God-sized project in the Caribbean? You just start.

In March 2023, in a group of men, from at least four countries (some virtually) came together to begin the build the framework for a very ambitious project. This mission, Christ for the Caribbean, CFTC, is a large scale project with deep and detailed grass-roots effects. The passion in the room was evident. The brain-power in the room was unreal. The servant leadership that each displayed was nothing short of Christ-like.

Caribbean Advisory Board Meeting
Caribbean Advisory Board Meeting

On their own, each Board Member could be extraordinarily successful (and some are), but this project is not about any one person - other than Him. This project is ultimately about getting Christ's message out to the Caribbean. Over the next few months, the Advisory Board will be organizing and setting in motion quite a few things. Those needs will be posted on our website Your prayers are coveted. It doesn't take long for the physical needs of the people in the Caribbean to become evident.......we pray for strategic guidance, intentional effort, and discerning wisdom. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated! 👇

We are embarking on a project so big that only God can get the credit - and for the group of men that assembled in the room that evening, that's all that matters.

Pray for us.


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