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"And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it." -Habakkuk 2:2


Over thirty years ago, God burdened Pastor Sammy Philbert to assist and encourage other Caribbean island Pastors. To this day, every November, he hosts a Pastor's Conference primarily designed to uplift other Pastors so that they can continue their work. Pastor Philbert is partnering with Pastor Foster (USA-KY) and both have a burden to use whatever resources we can, while leveraging the knowledge of local Pastors of each Island, so that we can Evangelize, Educate, & Edify.  

Our sincerest prayer is for the local Churches to see souls saved, be encouraged, be equipped, and serve as a local network to help establish needs. 


We partner with local Pastors throughout the Caribbean to help provide solutions to their unique needs. 


With the oversight of a USA-based Advisory Board, and the deep integration of a Caribbean-based Advisory board, we are able to meet many of the needs throughout the Caribbean while seeing souls saved, Pastors encouraged, Leaders encouraged, and Christ uplifted.  


The Caribbean boasts many beautiful islands but is home to 44 million souls - most of whom have never heard the Gospel. The dominant religion is Catholic and most people on the islands have never heard or been exposed to anything else. 

On most islands, we are already aware of at least one Biblical Church and plan to use Pastor Philbert's expansive network of Bible-based Caribbean Pastors to meet needs and to reach souls. Do you want to help?  

US Advisory Board

Dedication. Expertise. Experience. Passion.

Our US Advisory Board consists of 10 men - all of whom bring

expertise, wisdom, and a burning desire to see souls saved. 

Caribbean Advisory Board

Professional. Integrated. Local. Visionary.  

Our Caribbean Advisory Board is comprised of 6 men - all of whom bring expert-level knowledge, deep integration, and discerning awareness of the needs. They also have a primary and burning desire to see souls saved. 

Pastor Samuel Philbert

St. Lucia

Pastor David Archibald


Pastor Michael Jeremiah

Cayman Islands

Pastor Denis Celestine


Pastor Dave Adams


Pastor Tim Mitchell

St. Vincent

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