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Christ For The Caribbean

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Through a partnership of Ambassador Baptist Church (St. Lucia) and Immanuel Baptist Church (Florence, KY), our vision is to ultimately reach lost souls, by deeply supporting local Pastors and leaders. Through strategic planning, effort, and guidance from God, we aim to reach as many souls of the Caribbean as we can with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Listen as Pastor Samuel Philbert explains the vision to truly reach the Caribbean for Christ. 

Our Vision


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Christ For The Caribbean is a ministry that is committed to providing resources, leadership, training, and support to lift the arms of Pastors and Church leaders, in the Caribbean islands. We have the burden to reach lost souls, by deeply engaging local churches on each island through teaching, preaching, and discipline. 

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Making a Difference

As a part of our commitment to "Educate", and as a ministry of Immanuel Baptist Church, in partnership with Ambassador Baptist Church and Pastor Samuel Philbert, Christ for the Caribbean is proud to partner with Immanuel International Bible Institute - a non-profit that is committed to equipping Christians with the doctrines from the Word of God! Listen as Bro. Adrian Moore introduces the program! 

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